Dr. José Álvarez Rogel

Head of the Group
PhD in Biology
Current Position

Associated professor (tenured since 2000)


Former Position

Hired as Biologist, Univ. Murcia, 1990; Predoctoral Fellow, Univ. Murcia, 01/91 to 03/95; Predoctoral Fellow, C.E.B.A.S. - C.S.I.C. (Murcia), 01/96 to 12/97; Postdoctoral Fellow, C.E.B.A.S. - C.S.I.C. (Murcia), 01/98 to 12/99; Associate Professor, part-time, Univ. Murcia, 10/97 to 12/99; Associate Professor (full-time), Univ. Politécnica de Cartagena, 01/00 to 05/00; Associated Professor (non tenured), Univ. Politécnica de Cartagena, 06/00 to 08/00; Associated Professor (tennured) Univ. Politécnica de Cartagena, 09/00 to present.

Codes and Identifiers

   Researcher ID: M-5660-2015

  Orcid Code: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-8758-3792

   Espec. UNESCO: 251100-02-04-05-06-11; 241713

Key Words
Soil-plant relationships; Wetlands; Soil biogeochemistry; Soil pollution; Soil regeneration; Eutrophication; Soils and climate change
Overview of Scientific Production

- Supervisor of 4 Doctoral Thesis

- 49 papers in journals JCR; 33 book chapters and 5 books

- H index: 18

- 15 research projects (6 as main researcher); 17 technical reports; 34 contracts with enterprises (12 as responsible)

- 6 invited talk in congresses

- Organizing Commettee in 4 scientific congresess; Member of the Editorial Board of the journal Arid Land Research and Management

- Member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Mar Menor lagoon

- Project reviewer of the Spanish Ministry of Science

- Deputy Director of the Higher School of Agronomy of UPCT (August 2006-September 2008).

Research Subjects

Since about ten years ago my main research focuses on soil biogeochemical processes and its impact on ecosystem functionality, in environments affected by heavy metal contamination due to mining activities and eutrophication. I work mainly in wetlands, but also in upland sites. The use of amendment to improve soil properties and plant growth are included among my research topics (phytomanagement). In the last years I am introducing ecotoxicity by metals and metalloids in my projects to increase our knowledge about the risks associated to the contamination. Most of my research has been funded with competitive projects gained in public calls for different Spanish National R&D programs. In addition, I have collaborated with several companies in the agricultural and environmental sectors and with several administrations focused on environmental management.

Recent Publications

* Barmentlo, S.H., van Gestel, C.A.M., Álvarez-Rogel J., González-Alcaraz MN. 2017. Influence of climate change on the multi-generation toxicity to Enchytraeus crypticus of soils polluted by metal/metalloid mining wastes. Environmental Pollution. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.envpol.2016.12.078.

* Tercero MC, Álvarez-Rogel J., Conesa HM, Párraga, I, González-Alcaraz MN. 2016. Phosphorus retention and fractionation in soils and Phragmites australis plants in eutrophic wetlands: a one-year mesocosms experiment under fluctuating conditions. Journal of Environmental Management, 190: 197-207.

* Párraga-Aguado, I., Álvarez-Rogel, J., González-Alcaraz, M.N., Conesa, H.M. 2017. Metal mobility assessment for the application of an urban organic waste amendment in two degraded semiarid soils. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 173: 92–98. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.gexplo.2016.11.022.

* Álvarez-Rogel J, Tercero MC, Arce MI, Delgado MJ, Conesa HM, González-Alcaraz MN. 2016. Nitrate removal and potential soil N2O emissions in eutrophic salt marshes with and without Phragmites australis. Geoderma 282: 49–58.

* Tercero MC, Álvarez-Rogel J, Conesa HM, Ferrer MA, Calderón AA, López-Orenes A, González-Alcaraz MN. 2015. Response of biogeochemical processes of the water-soil-plant system to experimental flooding-drying conditions in an eutrophic wetland: the role of Phragmites australis. Plant Soil 396: 109–125.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Aránega, B., Conesa, H.M., Delgado, M.J., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2015. Contribution of soil properties to the assessment of a seawater irrigation programme as a management strategy for abandoned solar saltworks. Catena, 126, 189-200.

* Párraga-Aguado, I., González-Alcaraz, M.N., Álvarez-Rogel, J., Conesa, H.M. 2014. Assessment of the employment of halophyte plant species for the phytomanagement of mine tailings in semiarid areas. Ecological Engineering, 71: 598-604.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Jiménez-Cárceles, F.J., Álvarez, Y., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2014. Gradients of soil salinity and moisture, and plant distribution, in a Mediterranean semiarid saline watershed: a model of soil-plant relationships for contributing to the management. Catena, 115: 150-158.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Aránega, B., Tercero, M.C., Conesa, H.M., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2014. Irrigation with seawater as a strategy for the environmental management of abandoned solar saltworks: a case study in SE Spain base on soil-vegetation relationships. Ecological Engineering, 71: 677-689.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2013. Liming and vegetation favor Fe-mobilization in eutrophic wetland soils affected by mine wastes. Ecol Eng, 53: 183-193.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Conesa, H.M., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2013. When liming and revegetation contribute to the mobilization of metals: learning lessons for the phytomanagement of metal-polluted wetlands. J Environ Manage, 116: 72-80.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Conesa, H.M.; Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2013. Phytomanagement of strongly acidic, saline eutrophic wetlands polluted by mine wastes: the influence of liming and Sarcocornia fruticosa in metals mobility. Chemosphere, 90: 2512-2519.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Conesa, H.M., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2013. Nitrate removal from eutrophic wetlands polluted by metal-mine wastes: Effects of liming and plant growth. J Environ Manage, 128: 964-972.

* Párraga-Aguado, I., González-Alcaraz, M.N., Álvarez-Rogel, J., Jiménez-Cárceles, F.J., Conesa, H.M. 2013. The importance of edaphic niches and pioneer plant species succession for the phytomanagement of mine tailings. Environ Pollut, 176: 134-143.

* Conesa, H.M., María-Cervantes, A., Álvarez-Rogel, J., González-Alcaraz, M.N. 2011. Influence of soil properties on trace element availability and plant accumulation in a Mediterranean salt marsh polluted by mining wastes: Implications for phytomanagement. Sci Total Environ, 409: 4470-4479.

* González-Alcaraz, M.N., Conesa, H.M., Tercero, M.C., Schulin, R., Álvarez-Rogel, J., Egea, C. 2011. The combined use of liming and Sarcocornia fruticosa development for phytomanagement of salt marsh soils polluted by mine wastes. J Haz Mat, 186: 805-813.

* María-Cervantes, A., Conesa, H.M., González-Alcaraz, M.N., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2011. Mobilisation of As and trace metals in saline, acidic Spolic Technososls: the role of the rhizosphere and flooding conditions. J Soil Sediment, 11: 800-814.


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International Networks

* Putting halophytes to work: from genes to ecosystem. Cost Action. European Cooperation in Science and Technology (FA0901). 26/05/2009 to 14/10/2013. 169.936 €. IP: T. Flowers (UK).

Activities in Foreign Centers

* Vrije Univesity of Ámsterdam, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences. Ámsterdam, The Netherlands. 16/05/2015 to 02/06/2015. Topic: Soil toxicity. Erasmus+ Staff Mobility. Financed by Erasmus+ - UPCT.

* Faculty of Engineering and Economic-Social Sciences. National University of San Luis. Villa Mercedes, San Luis, ARGENTINA. 05/20/2013 to 06/08/2013. Topic: Soil salinity. Role: Invited researcher..

* Faculty of Engineering and Economic-Social Sciences. National University of San Luis. Villa Mercedes, San Luis, ARGENTINA. 03/30/2010 to 10/22/2010. Topic: Soil salinity. Role: Invited researcher.

Congresses and Workshops

* J Álvarez-Rogel; M. N. Nazaret González-Alcaraz; H M Conesa; M C Tercero; I M Párraga; F J Jiménez-Cárceles. Depuración de aguas eutrofizadas en humedales naturales del Mar Menor. Simposio sobre filtros verdes en el Mar Menor, Consejería de Agricultura, Agua y Medio Ambiente de la CARM. Murcia, 15/octubre/2015.

* MN González-Alcaraz; HM Conesa; J Álvarez-Rogel. Eutrofización y contaminación por metales en humedales del Mar Menor: comprendiendo los procesos biogeoquímicos para plantear posibles actuaciones de manejo. Jornadas Científicas del Mar Menor. San Pedro del Pinatar, Murcia, diciembre 2014.

* MN González-Alcaraz; J Álvarez-Rogel; HM Conesa. Impacto de la minería sobre los ecosistemas en condiciones de clima semiárido: dinámica de metales en el sistema suelo-agua-planta y alternativas de regeneración. VI Simposio Nacional sobre Control de la Degradación y Restauración de Suelos. Almería, febrero 2013.

*J Álvarez-Rogel; MN González-Alcaraz. Soils and vegetation as indicators of ecosystem recovery in a former saline exploitation following its irrigation with seawater. Internacional meeting COST Action FA0901 Workshop and IUSS Conference Utilization and Protection of halophytes and Salt-affected landscapes. Kecskemét (Hungría), septiembre 2013.

* J. Álvarez-Rogel; MN González Alcaraz. Wetlands and salt marshes: similarities and differences. First meeting Cost Action FA0901. Nápoles, 2010.

* J. Álvarez-Rogel. Soil salinity: a coin with two sides including desertification and preservation of the natural resources. Key Note Speaker en el Symposium 5 del Congreso Europeo de Suelos (EUROSOIL 2008). Viena, Austria, agosto 2008.

Summary of Teaching Activities

* Supervisor of 4 Doctoral Thesis

* 16 End-of-Course and 4 End of Master's projects.

* Tutor of the Program of Interuniversity Cooperation Students - A.L.E for Latin American teachers and students: years 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004.

* Tutor and Coordinator of the ERASMUS agreement with Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland) from 2005/2006 to the present day, with a total of 24 tutored students.