Study of existing alternatives, technical feasibility and design criteria for the implementation of denitrifying bioreactors within the reuse actions planned for the Rincón de León and Monte Orgegia WWTPs (Alicante)
Assessment of soil quality indicators in the Algibicos solar farm (Murcia SE Spain)
Advice and review of provisional files for the restoration of mining areas in the Sierra de La Unión-Cartagena.
Scientific advice on soils and water, decision making for the enhancement of the salt mines of Nuévalos, Zaragoza.
Design and monitoring of a pilot plant with wetlands for the treatment of agricultural drainage water of the Campo de Cartagena
Pilot study for brine denitrification with woodchip bioreactors in the Campo de Cartagena
Pilot plant for tratment of groundwater desalination brine, to obtain fresh water and crystallized salts.
Innovative techniques for the denitrification of irrigation water from agricultural activity. (Operative Group-CARM. Rural Development Program of the Murcia Region 2014-2020 (REF .: 5578 / 18PV-P)
Biogeochemical study of the sediments of the Mar Menor lagoon bottom (BIOFOM project)
Specific agreement on environmental sustainability between the City Council of Cartagena and UPCT. Research topic 1: Regeneration of degraded soils.
Characterization and monitoring of the flora, vegetation and soils of the Agua Amarga salt marsh (Alicante, Spain)
Physical-chemical characterization of the urban solid refuse produced during transformation of metal packaging wastes: feasibility study for its use for agricultural and environmental purposes
Design and implementation of the Ajauque and Rambla Salada Wetland Protected Natural Area monitoring plan
Development of methods of conservation of plant germplasm, and selection of plant species for restoration of degraded ecosystems
Assessment and technical assistance in the field of technology for intensive crops
Climate control and fertirrigation in intensive agricultural facilities
Comparative evaluation of expanded perlite substrate vs fiber of coconut vs soil, as culture medium in pepper crop
Optimization of fertigation in different species growing on soilless culture
Technical and agronomic evaluation of bionematicida in tomato crop in greenhouse under agroclimatic conditions typical of SE of Spain
Technical and agronomic evaluation of Mycrogrowth, product based on fungus-forming mycorrhizal, in "piel de sapo" melon crop in the agroclimatic conditions of the Campo de Cartagena
Technical and agronomic evaluation of pineapple crop in the agroclimatic conditions of SE of Spain and under the technical management of the crop both in greenhouse and outdoor.
Technical and agronomic evaluation of the evolution of organic matter in soils and its implications in commercial plot of cultivation and in laboratory