What we work

The activities of our Research Group are focused on the role of soils and vegetation in the functionality of Mediterranean ecosystems and agroecosystems affected by anthropogenic activities.

Our expertise in short:

Phytomanagement of metal-polluted environments

Functionality and ecotoxicity of soils and climate change

Wetlands and bioreactors to combat eutrophication


Our expertise in detail:

Biogeochemical cycles in the soil-plant-water system

Ecotoxicology and functionality of soils and climate change

Soil-water-plant relationships and phytomanagement of environments affected by mining wastes

Wetlands: functionality, soil-vegetation relationships, contamination, eutrophication

Bioreactors for water denitrification

Soils characterisation and diagnosis

Amendments for soil regeneration

Soil salinity and saline ecosystems

Analysis and diagnosis of water and soil for different uses.