Role of the coastal wetlands of the Mar Menor lagoon in depuration of nutrient-enriched water: mechanisms and processes in the soil-water-plant system


Fundación Séneca de Murcia of Murcia, Spain



Project Manager
Partnership Entities

Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena

General Objectives

This project studies the role of soils and vegetation of a coastal wetland of the Mar Menor (Murcia, SE Spain), as a natural green filter of the waters of agricultural and urban origin flowing in watercourses of the Campo de Cartagena.


1) Fieldwork:

1.a.- To characterize water inputs flowing to the target wetland (quantitatively, loads, and qualitatively, nutrient contents).

1.b.- To asses nutrient contents in soils and the chemical/mineral forms in which they appear.

1.c.- To asses nutrient contents in tissues of the most representative plant species, as well as in the soil litter.

1.d.- To asses nutrient contents in soil pore-water.

2) Experimental work:

2.a.- To asses what mechanisms are involved in the immobilization, volatilization and adsorption-desorption processes of nutrients in the soils.

2.b.- To asses the strategies and capacity of different plant species to absorb, translocate and store nutrients in aerial and underground parts.


Project Results

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