Soil metal-pollution in a global warming perspective: ecotoxicological and functional aspects.


Séneca Foundation of Murcia Region (Research Grant Saavedra Fajardo)


1 June 2020 - 31 May 2023

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General Objectives


Assess how and to what extent the ecotoxicity risks of anthropogenic metal-polluted soils of the semiarid Mediterranean region may be affected under forecasted climate change scenarios, simulated by climate factors combinations (atmospheric CO2, air temperature bioindicators, and their relation to changes in soil physico-chemical and microbiological parameters.
This main goal will be tackled by a combination of two specific objectives (Sp.O): Sp.O1) Assess the effects of climate factors combinations (atmospheric CO2, air temperature and soil moisture) on soil C and N mineralization in metal-polluted soils; Sp.O2) Assess the effects of climate factors combinations (atmospheric CO2, air temperature and soil moisture) on soil invertebrates in metal-polluted soils.

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Project Results

CLIMTOXFUN results will enable a deeper knowledge of the response of soils degraded by anthropogenic metal pollution under the current and forecasted climate conditions in the semiarid Mediterranean region, one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of GCC according to IPCC projections3,4. This will promote the establishment of a baseline for the development of appropriate tools for identifying which areas may be more vulnerable under which climate conditions (environmental risk assessment) and therefore contribute to improve the management of degraded areas. In particular, it will be elaborated a collection of fact sheets with recommendations for the evaluation of soil ecotoxicity in the semiarid Mediterranean region. Among others, these fact sheets will include basic information regarding the main soil and invertebrates’ characteristics to be considered, the most useful ecotoxicity tests to be performed, and the forecasted climate change scenarios inducing major responses/alterations in anthropogenic metal-polluted soils.