Dra. Raquel Juan Ovejero

Colaboradora. PostDoc Position at University of Coimbra
Ingeniera Forestal y Doctora en Ecología
Puesto Actual

PhD PostDoc Position at University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Palabras Clave
Soil Carbon; Ecosystem Functioning; Climate Change; Forest Ecology; Soil Ecology
Temas de Investigacion

I am interested in studying how biotic and abiotic factors can interact with each other and ultimately affect the nutrient cycling, carbon storage capacity and ecophysiology of terrestrial ecosystems, with a special focus on forests and peatlands.

Publicaciones Recientes

Fungal diversity in peatlands and its contribution to carbon cycling. R Juan-Ovejero, MJI Briones, M Öpik. Applied Soil Ecology 146, 103393. 2020.

Tolerance to fluctuating water regimes drives changes in mesofauna community structure and vertical stratification in peatlands. R Juan-Ovejero, E Benito, ME Barreal, J Rodeiro, MJI Briones. Pedobiologia 76, 150571. 2019.

The interplay between abiotic factors and below-ground biological interactions regulates carbon exports from peatlands. R Juan-Ovejero, RR Granjel, P Ramil-Rego, MJI Briones. Geoderma 368, 114313. 2020.

Microbial “hotspots” of organic matter decomposition in temperate peatlands are driven by local spatial heterogeneity in abiotic conditions and not by vegetation structure. MJI Briones, R Juan-Ovejero, NP McNamara, NJ Ostle. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 165, 108501. 2022. 

Decadal effect of post-fire management treatments on soil carbon and nutrient concentrations in a burnt Mediterranean forest. R Juan-Ovejero, CR Molinas-González, AB Leverkus, FJM Peinado. Forest Ecology and Management 498, 119570. 2021.

Low acclimation potential compromises the performance of water-stressed pine saplings under Mediterranean xeric conditions. R Juan-Ovejero, J Castro, JI Querejeta. Science of The Total Environment 831, 154797. 2022.

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