Dr. Juan Santos Echeandía

Tenured Scientist. Instituto Español de Ocanografía. Centro Oceanográfico de Murcia.
PhD. in Marine Sciences at the University of Vigo
Puesto Actual

Colaborador. Tenured Scientist. Instituto Español de Oceanografía. Centro Oceanográfico de Murcia.

Temas de Investigacion

My research focuses on trace metals biogeochemistry with particular reference to bioactive (i.e. iron, cobalt and copper) and toxic (i.e. lead) metals. I am interested in the chemical, biological, and physical processes which affect trace element distributions and behavior in both coastal and open ocean regimes and how natural and anthropogenic environmental perturbations affect trace element biogeochemical cycles. This research combines speciation studies and analytical chemistry and is approached from two directions: field measurements and laboratory studies. The laboratory utilizes flow injection analysis, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and voltammetric techniques to investigate the distribution and chemical speciation of trace elements in seawater.

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