Dr. Antonio María Cervantes

Former Predoctoral Fellowship (2004-2009)
PhD in Biochemistry
Former Position

Predoc fellowship (2004-2009)

Recent Publications

Conesa, H.M., María-Cervantes, A., Álvarez-Rogel, J., González-Alcaraz, M.N. 2011. Influence of soil properties on trace element availability and plant accumulation in a Mediterranean salt marsh polluted by mining wastes: Implications for phytomanagement. Sci Total Environ, 409: 4470-4479.

González-Alcaraz, MN; Egea, C.; María-Cervantes, A.; Jiménez-Cárceles, FJ; Álvarez-Rogel, J. TÍTULO: Effects of eutrophic water flooding on nitrate concentrations in mine wastes. REVISTA: Ecological Engineering ISSN: 0925-8574 VOL. Y PAG.: 37: 693-702 AÑO: 2011

M.N. González-Alcaraz; C. Egea; F.J. Jiménez-Cárceles; I. Párraga; A. María-Cervantes; M.J. Delgado; J. Álvarez-Rogel TÍTULO: Storage of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil-plant system of Phragmites australis stands from a eutrophicated Mediterranean salt marsh REVISTA: Geoderma. ISSN: 0016-7061 VOL. Y PAG.: 185-186: 61-72. AÑO: 2012

M.N. González-Alcaraz; J. Álvarez-Rogel; A. María-Cervantes; C. Egea; H.M. Conesa. TÍTULO: Evolution and phosphorus fractionation in saline Spolic Technosols flooded with eutrophic water REVISTA: Journal of Soils and Sediments. ISSN: 1439-0108 VOL. Y PAG.: 12: 1316-1326.-DOI 10.1007/s11368-012-0566-1 AÑO: 2012

María-Cervantes, A., Conesa, H.M., González-Alcaraz, M.N., Álvarez-Rogel, J. 2011. Mobilisation of As and trace metals in saline, acidic Spolic Technososls: the role of the rhizosphere and flooding conditions. J Soil Sediment, 11: 800-814.

María-Cervantes, A.; Álvarez-Rogel, J.; Jiménez-Cárceles; F.J. 2008.  As, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb, and Zn contents in sediments and mollusks (hexaplex trunculus and tapes decussatus) from coastal zones of a mediterranean lagoon (mar menor, SE Spain) affected by mining wastes Water, Air and Soil Pollution 200: 289-304.

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