Dr. Sara Peixoto

Phd in Biology and Ecology of Global Changes
Current Position

Bolseira de Investigação

Key Words
Soil science, Environmental microbiology, Nanoparticles, Nano-products
Research Subjects

Soil science
Environmental microbiology
Nanoparticles (AgNPs and Ag2S-NP) and nano-products (nano-pesticides)

Recent Publications

Peixoto, S., Oliveira, JMM, Henriques, I, Morgado, R, Soares, AMVM , Loureiro, S (2022) Pollution- induced community tolerance framework - disc diffusion method to assess the impact of silver nanoparticles in soils: Potential relevance for risk assessment. APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY, 169, 104185 .

Peixoto, P, Loureiro, S, Henriques I (2022) The impact of silver sulfide nanoparticles and silver ions in soil microbiome. JOURNAL OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, 422, 126793 .

Penalver-Alcala A., Alvarez-Rogel J., Peixoto S., Silva I., Silva A.R.R., Gonzalez-Alcaraz M.N. (2021) The relationships between functional and physicochemical soil parameters in metal(loid) mine tailings from Mediterranean semiarid areas support the value of spontaneous vegetation colonization for phytomanagement. ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 168 .

Oliveira, J.M.M., Henriques, I., Read, D.S., Gweon, H.S., Morgado, R.G., Peixoto, S., Correia, A., Soares A.M.V.M., Loureiro, S. (2021) Gut and faecal bacterial community of the terrestrial isopod Porcellionides pruinosus: potential use for monitoring exposure scenarios. . ECOTOXICOLOGY, 30 .

Peixoto S., Henriques I., Loureiro S. (2021) Long-term effects of Cu(OH)2 nanopesticide exposure on soil microbial communities. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION, 269 116113.

Peixoto, S., Khodaparast, Z., Cornelis, G., Lahive, E., Green Etxabe, A., Baccaro, M., Papadiamantis, A.G., Gonçalves, S.F., Lynch, I., Busquets-Fite, M., Punt, V., Loureiro, S., Henriques, I. (2020) Impact of Ag2S NPs on soil bacterial community–A terrestrial mesocosm approach. ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, 206 , (111405), .

Santos M., Peixoto S., Pereira J.L., Luis A.T., Henriques I., Goncalves F.J.M., Pereira M.J., Oliveira H., Vidal T. (2019) Using flow cytometry for bacterioplankton community analysis as a complementary tool to Water Framework Directive to signal putatively impacted sites. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 695 .

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