What we work?

Mar Menor lagoon

The activities of our Research Group focus on two complementary sectors related to the use and conservation of agroecosystems: Environment and Agriculture.

1. Environment: Role of soils and vegetation on the functionality of Mediterranean agroecosystems and their environment in relation with anthropic activities.

Biogeochemical cycles in the soil-plant system

Soil-water-plant relationships in environments affected by mining waste

Wetlands and saline ecosystems: functionality, soil-vegetation relationships, pollution, eutrophication

Characterization and diagnosis of soil quality

Soil Ecotoxicology

Use of amendments for the regeneration of soils of degraded ecosystems

2. Agriculture

Analytical and diagnosis of water and soil for various uses.

Nutritional deficiencies and optimization in the use of fertilizers.

Soilless crops

Design of fertigation programs in different crops.

Innovation and adaptation of technology for intensive agriculture

Optimization of new varieties.

Monitoring and adjustment of fertigation in crops.

Irrigation systems and optimization of the use of water and nutrients